Grand Designs Magazine Shoot

I work on a regular basis with Angus & Mack LTD, a local company who produce the most amazing custom staircases and fine cabinetry. I had a commission from them in July 2017 to photograph a floating timber and glass staircase and a matching library structure. The property was a new property situated in rural Perthshire. 

The shoot went very well and I got some fantastic images, as well as making a nice connection with the homeowner who runs an art and design publishing house in Scandinavia.  Their house was an amazing mix of Scandinavian design classics. 

So to my surprise, the homeowner got back in touch with me looking for more images to be shot of the whole property, with the possibility that the images would be published in Grand Designs Magazine. A journalist has written an article on the Hanse Haus property, but they required good imagery of the interior and exterior for the piece to be published. 

I arrived early tot he shoot and was there for all of seven hours with the client very kindly making me lunch. We were fortunate with the weather with intermittent rain but managed to get some great exterior angles on the property including the meadow flower garden which was a key part of the brief.

After the shoot, the client was delighted by the work, and the images were submitted to the magazine. After a long wait, they were published in the January 2018 edition of  Grand Designs Magazine.