Dundee Law Website Launch

A great part of my job is how varied the work is, so when I was asked if I could produce a 24-hour time-lapse film from the top of Dundee Law for MTC Media and Dundee Council I jumped at the chance. The work involved many logistical challenges, external battery packs, weatherproofing kit and weather delays to name a few, but I really enjoy this technical and creative type of work.

MTC Media first approached me in the summer of 2016 so the project has been a long-term one. I did some initial short time-lapse tests and stills on the law to give MTC and Dundee Council an idea of the direction the final work would take. They were happy and we moved forward with the work.

My first attempt, unfortunately, failed due to a technical issue, which was frustrating after spending a full 24 hours on the top of the Law. However, the second attempt was a success and I got the footage needed after a further 24 hour stint.

The work involved the time-lapse as well as stills of elements of the Law and a series of people/lifestyle shots. The end result launched this week and I think it looks fantastic. I attended the launch event on top of the Law at dusk and the presentation was fantastic,

John Whyman Outdoor Access Officer at Dundee City Council ran through the process of development and the final results.

You can view the timelapse on the homepage of the newly published website. The majority of the stills in each section are mine, although there are a couple which were added later which are not.

I have worked on a number of projects with the MTC team and find working with them a great experience. I look forward to working with them again soon on future projects.